Morgan Holland

San Francisco, CA

Getting around in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has a pretty great subway (subte) system, as well as hundreds of local buses (colectivos). A subte ride costs you around US$0.25, while a bus ride runs around US$0.17 (not bad compared to the States!). You can buy an individual ride at any subte station, but the easiest thing to do if you’re going to be around a while is to buy a Sube Card for US$1.50.  Unfortunately you need to go to a Correo Argentino (the Argentine Post Office) to pick up a Sube card, but it’s worth the effort (bring your passport). Now you can load up your Sube card at any subte stop, or at most street kiosks. It will work on both the subway and the buses.

A few years ago, you had to use a ridiculously complicated paper Guia T to figure out how to get around BA on the buses.  Thankfully, now there’s an app for that.  Check out Cómo Llego on the webiPhone, or Android. It will show you the quickest route using buses or the subte.

If you must, you can always take a taxi or call a remise (a fixed-fare car to the airport, usually around US$25), but learning to use the subte and the colectivos is part of the experience!

P.S. If you’re looking for other good apps to use in Argentina, check out Trip Advisor City GuidesMaps With Me, and Foursquare. Yelp unfortunately doesn’t have much of a presence at the moment.

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