Morgan Holland

San Francisco, CA

Colonia Trip

Colonia is a town across the river from Buenos Aires in Uruguay. Founded in 1680, it’s easily visited as a day trip from BA via ferry. Most folks just go to check out the old city for a day, and to use the ATMs to get U.S. dollars to take back to Argentina to change for pesos, or to renew their tourist visas. On that note, if you’re making the trip just to change dollars, try to get off the boat as quickly as possible and head down the main drag hitting ATMs, as many will run out of cash as other people with the same idea descend on the limited number of banks. The old city is very expensive given the tourist population, so I recommend heading a bit inland if you want to eat while you’re there.

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Tigre Trip

Tigre is a town about 17 miles north of Buenos Aires, accessible via the Mitre train line from Retiro station.  The town is technically an island among several small rivers, and is named for the jaguars that were hunted there when it was first founded. The trip takes about an hour and costs US$0.75. Like Buenos Aires, the town sits on the delta of the Paraná River, the second largest river in South America behind the Amazon. The delta is around 200 miles long and 140 miles wide where it meets the Atlantic, so it’s no wonder that Paraná means ‘like the sea’ in the local Tupi language.

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Colombia Trip

I’m finishing up my first few months in South America with a week in Cartagena and a week in Medellin, both in Colombia.  The flight up from Buenos Aires (EZE) to Cartagena (CTG) was about 9 hours with a change in Panama City, pretty painless on Copa Airlines, although the 5am take off was fun. I obviously didn’t sleep, just hit La Cabrera for my last epic steak dinner and stayed up.  Security and customs in South America was a breeze as usual, nothing special necessary for U.S. citizens to get into Colombia. The flight was expensive at around $700, keeping with the theme of air travel within Latin America being surprisingly expensive, although I used Chase Sapphire points so no worries there.

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Iguazu Falls Trip

Iguazu Falls, on the Paraná river, straddles the border between Argentina and Brazil.  The word Iguazu means ‘big water’ in Guarani, one of the indigenous languages of the area. The falls (or cataratas) are 1.7 miles wide and are made up of between 250 and 300 individual cascades (or saltos), depending on the annual flow of the river.

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